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More Than Ever - A View From My 70's (Essays On Rediscovering Life) - Published by Author House
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These essays have appeared in such publications as Modern Maturity, Mature Years, Best Friends Magazine, Asbury Park Press, Senior News and Boomer Times.
Short story by: Harriet May Savitz & Ferida Wolff           



I have four books now of adult essays  3 of them are with AuthorHouse 

"More Than Ever" 

  "Hello Grandparents, Wherever You Are"
 "Keeping It Going, After 70 & Before"  

"Messages From Somewhere"
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 published January 2006  

 "Hello Grandparents. Wherever You Are." (Late-Life Discoveries) (publisher - AuthorHouse)




The Gifts Animals Can Give

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"Keeping It Going, After 70 & Before"
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Sidney! Sidney! Sidney!
By Harriet May Savitz

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Harriet May Savitz
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From Harriet’s Family:


The words of Harriet May Savitz will live on forever as will her spirit.


Her typewriter has been silenced as she passed away on July 20th, after fighting a strong battle with a terminal illness.


As her words are read and pages turned in her books, so shall she remain with us in our souls, touching and changing lives on a daily basis.


Her power and strength will continue as she explores the spiritual world in which she so strongly believed.


Harriet’s daughter Beth can be reached at the following (email is preferred).


Phone:     732 681-2758


About the Author 

Harriet May Savitz has over 24 books published by major publishers.  She is a contributor to over one dozen Chicken Soup for the Soul books and newspapers around the country.  Savitz’s book, Run, Don’t Walk, was made into an ABC Afterschool Special produced by Henry Winkler.  Her book, Fly, Wheels, Fly was nominated for the Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award and of her young adult novel, “The Lionhearted,” Kirkus Review said, “We cheer a major victory…  The Lionhearted stirs an awareness of wheelchair occupants’ problems and of the wider implications of the word handicapped.”  The Lionhearted (now reissued by Authors Guild/iUniverse) was listed as one of the most popular books in The University of Iowa’s Books for Young Adults.


Harriet's writing about the disabled and the reissued books ..which are all published as an Authors Guild Edition – iUniverse.


Wheelchair Champions

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Picture Book - "Is A Worry Worrying You?"   By Ferida Wolff and Harriet May Savitz  -  Publisher 

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The Magic Minute
by: Harriet May Savitz

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" TO EDITORS:  A NEW WORK IN PROGRESS..AVAILABLE FOR PUBLICATION.. comments appreciated from everyone. HMS" If you are interested in publishing The Magic Minute, please contact     

Messages From Somewhere  -
Inspiring Stories of Life After 60


Messages From Somewhere

Publishers Weekly  Review  2002


“Savitz, the author of young adult books and a contributor to the Chicken Soup series, reflects on the late-life independence she’s discovered as a senior in these uplifting, interwoven essays.  She explores her continuing maternal role, the friendships she’s found in later years, widowhood and the transition from suburban living to closer quarters after the family dispersed.  Savitz amusingly describes “senior moments” of absentmindedness (which strike her children and grandchildren, too) and offers touching personal anecdotes about needing and still being needed by her middle-aged children.”

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